"So much of the story of 15th Street can be viewed as what’s so Oakland right now. Creative minds saw an opportunity to breathe life into ailing community? Check. And they jumped into it with their own sweat equity rather than wait for City Hall and tax incentives to lure them in? Check. Are they self-aware enough to consider their possible role in the thorny issue of gentrification? Double-check." 
Link "The Most Exciting Block in Oakland" Justin Berton Oakland Magazine

"This revitalized street appears to be breathing life into the local economy of downtown with creative entrepreneurs filling vacant spaces and attracting new visitors to the neighborhood."
Link "The Art of Neighborhood Creation" Sam Levin East Bay Express

"2BENAMED is a dynamic display of the chaotic elegance that forms creative ingenuity, like the spirit of youth itself, the spirit of Oakland, and the spirit of the hyph."
Link  "2BENAMED at the Naming Gallery" Takeema Hoffman Art Practical