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The Human Animal

Opening Reception March 10th 2018

A year ago we left Oakland on a trip zip zagging through Asia. With no daily obligations, we were free to paint dilapidated structures and draw everyday. It gave us the opportunity to create more freely and without restraint. While trying to fully appreciate the strange and beautiful places we would end up, a growing sense of our conflicted and endangered world was on the rise. Watching Trumps inauguration in Vietnam, and trying to explain how and why it happened to the people we met over the next six months was daunting. This mixed with a confrontation of our relationship with plastic, as well as a disturbing and rampant form of colonialism that is western tourism, we left feeling some what disillusioned and slightly hopeless. 

The one constantly present element in our travels was dogs. We both felt a connection, if not representation of our human experience through them. This being the idea that the dog symbolizes our human version of the confusion of domestication while dealing with residual instincts. Like the dog, the cat, and other domesticated beasts we are caught in between. Then add in the modern dimension of dealing with not only the conflict between our animal brain and our “human brain”, but the introduction of the technological brain- our cellphones, our computers; the internet. The result is an uncertainty of whether we are doing things with intention verses at the will of our compulsions. Thus we call our show, The Human Animal. An accumulation of worldwide stimulation and inner reflection.

Earlier Event: March 1
Artist Talk by Christopher Martin