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Real Vaginas Opening featuring Star Amerasu and Cali Rose

The title of our show, Real Vaginas, borrows its name from the reality TV show, Real Housewives. This provocative, intentionally problematic title is an invitation to recognize the ridiculous, to satirize, to make use of the absurd. After all, what does “Real Vagina” even mean?  How will artists express themselves in a time when minimalism is working to smooth out our complexities? How would an Islamic womxn represent their Real Vagina?  How should a transgender person’s Real Vagina be represented?  How are we ignoring and marginalizing our community? The show may not answer these questions, but it may make us feel more aware about the convergence of gender and put some “utopia” back in our vibes. Real Vaginas features artwork from 20 artists who wanted us to show you...their “Real Vaginas.”

We are pleased to welcome the following artists to our space: Shelby Rosabal, Charlotte Hacker-Mullen, Thailan When, Pleasurefaith, Michael Borel, Luna Francesca, Lucien Dante, Olivia Krause, Mary Lonergan, Becka Heikkila, Hannah Rubin, Samantha Thompson, Sarah Bowser, Olivia Nebins-Carbins, Margaret Fransee, Caldwell Linker


Donation beverage bar with proceeds going to film project which will garner awareness for the current food crisis in Venezuela